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    How do I update iPod touch from iOS 6 to iOS7?

    I have an iPod touch which is currently running on iOS 6 and I just want to install recently released iOS 7 on my device. Can you please provide me the step by step procedure for updating my iPod touch with iOS 7? I will wait for your response on this matter.

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    Re: How do I update iPod touch from iOS 6 to iOS7?

    Hello friend,

    1.Please connect your device with system,

    2.After this open the itunes software in your system,

    3.Then please click to the summery option and you see the update option,

    4.Now click to the update option and your device ios update start and wait form complete,

    5.After this you use the normally your device latest version ios ,

    6.I hope this information use full to you,


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    Re: How do I update iPod touch from iOS 6 to iOS7?

    Hi Dear,

    ++++ To Update the iPod follow this instructions provided below +++++

    ***** Firstly connect your device to PC.

    ***** Launch iTunes app in your PC.

    ***** If not installed iTunes in your PC, download the latest version of iTunes.

    ***** Install it in your PC and wait till installation completes.

    ***** Here you select your device model in iTunes.

    ***** Now go to Summary option in iTunes.

    ***** Select Update option and press OK.

    ***** Your device will be Updated the latest version.

    ***** Use faster internet access while updating iPod for successful installation of Updates.

    Thank You.

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